HTML Component

The HTML component is a versatile component that enables the rendering of HTML code. By employing a combination of HTML and CSS, developers can create and customize the HTML content to suit their specific needs.

The HTML component has a WYSIWYG editor. Double-click to launch the WYSIWYG editor or click on the Launch WYSIWYG Editor button in the property panel.


One of the noteworthy features of the HTML component is its built-in WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) editor.

This powerful editor empowers users to compose intricate documents, ranging from contracts to texts with various formatting options. With the WYSIWYG editor, users can effortlessly apply formatting styles like bold, italics, underline, and more to their text.

Additionally, they can control the alignment, indentation, and line height, creating visually appealing and well-structured documents.

Moreover, the HTML component's WYSIWYG editor offers an array of advanced functionalities. Users can insert hyperlinks, images, tables, and lists into their documents, enriching the content and making it more interactive.

Support of Expressions

Furthermore, the HTML component offers support for expressions, enabling you to incorporate dynamic content into your design. To insert an expression, locate and click on the "Insert Expression" button.

This feature allows you to seamlessly integrate variables and therefore enhancing the flexibility and interactivity of your HTML content.


The HTML component's WYSIWYG editor is designed with user-friendly controls and an intuitive interface, ensuring ease of use for both beginners and experienced users. It provides a familiar editing experience similar to popular word processors, allowing users to focus on content creation rather than grappling with complicated technicalities.

In summary, the HTML component is a valuable asset for rendering HTML code, and its built-in WYSIWYG editor amplifies its capabilities further. With the ability to compose complex documents like contracts and formatted text, users can leverage the HTML component to create professional-looking and feature-rich content with ease.