What’s a team

A team within the context of our platform is a collaborative workspace designed to facilitate collaboration, sharing, and management of team templates and PDF/image generation. By leveraging the team feature, sharing templates with your colleagues becomes easy and all members of the team can access and manage the templates available within the team.

Each team consists of the following:

(i) Team Templates: All templates that have been shared within the team. By having a centralized repository of templates, team members can easily modify or manage the templates.

(ii) Team API Key: All of the teams are assigned a unique API key, which serves as a secure authentication mechanism for generating PDFs and images. The team members can programmatically generate PDF documents and images based on the shared templates.

(iii) Team Members: All the individuals who are part of the team are considered team members. These individuals collaborate within the team's workspace, actively contributing to the creation, editing, and management of the shared templates. Each team member has the ability to access, modify, and update the templates within the team accroding to his/her permissions.

Team Overview
Team Overview