Regional API endpoints

A regional API endpoint is specifically designed to cater to customers within a particular region. This means that the endpoint is optimized to provide efficient and localized services to users who are geographically located in the same area.

The advantages of using a regional API endpoint are:

  1. Faster response time: By leveraging a regional API endpoint, customers can enjoy quicker response times and reduced latency. This is made possible because the data processing and storage operations take place within the customer's respective region.
  2. Improved regulatory compliance: An essential benefit of a regional API endpoint is its ability to handle requests and generate PDFs while ensuring compliance with data residency regulations(such as GDPR). When processing these operations, such as generating PDF documents or handling sensitive customer information, the request data and resulting data are processed and stored within the boundaries of the specific region.
  3. Enhanced data security: Another advantage of using a regional API endpoint is the strengthened data security it provides. Since the data is processed and stored within the customer's region, it reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

4 regional API endpoints and alternative endpoints

RegionEndpointMax TimeoutMax Payload
Default (Singapore)https://api.craftmypdf.com/100 Seconds1 MB
Europe (Frankfurt)https://api-de.craftmypdf.com/100 Seconds1 MB
US East (N. Virginia)https://api-us.craftmypdf.com/100 Seconds1 MB
Australia (Sydney)https://api-au.craftmypdf.com/30 Seconds6 MB

Alternative Regions:

RegionEndpointMax Timeout (Seconds)Max Payload
Default (Singapore)https://api-alt.craftmypdf.com/306 MB
Europe (Frankfurt)https://api-alt-de.craftmypdf.com/306 MB
US East (N. Virginia)https://api-alt-us.craftmypdf.com/306 MB

** Payload Size applies to request and response

** If the value of the "export_type" parameter for PDF generation is set to "file" the API will return the binary data of the generated PDF. However, it is important to note that there are certain limitations on the file size(either 1MB or 6MB) of the resulting PDF, which depend on the region.

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In summary, a regional API endpoint is designed to offer optimized services to customers within a specific geographic region.

It ensures faster response times, reduced latency, compliance with data residency regulations, and enhanced data privacy and security by processing and storing data within the boundaries of the region.